Tuesday, 21 August 2018

A minor hiccup!

After a winter spent exercising my new knee and slowly getting back to normal, a bit of a hiccup! Walking too fast one morning, thinking of other things and sure that I would return to the studio in the next few weeks my foot hit a loose and raised paving stone in my road. A trip by ambulance to hospital, then surgery and I'm back exercising and repeating the process, this time for a new hip and this time throughout a brilliant summer. I may not yet be back in the studio, although I did call in one day with my grandsons to pick up a painting for this year's Shelter Cymru Auction next month, but I have started painting at home. The landscape throughout my enforced break in work has ranged dramatically from the deep snow in the winter months to the long heatwave this summer.  The sun always drives me to the easel, and this year I felt I could have been painting in Montcuq as I woke up each morning to blue skies and sunshine and hot days. It was always too inspirational to ignore so now I'm expecting some bright images to appear on canvas.

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