Tuesday, 22 September 2015

On my way to the studio.

In case anyone is oblivious to the rugby fever in the city, this is there to remind us.
I passed it as I went into the studio yesterday.
More nail biting on Saturday when Wales play England - always the big one!

Friday, 18 September 2015

Running to catch up.

It's not something I want to grumble about, the fault lies with me, but I never seem to be in position where I have a stock of new paintings at hand, out of which I can choose some to send to the gallery when requested. Instead I am always running to catch up; always working on new canvases with deadlines looming. This is how it is now. I am working hard to produce paintings for the Albany Gallery so that they can be part of the 50th Annniversary Christmas show. The paintings take time and can't be hurried. They remain unfinished for what seems like weeks whilst I go through stages of discontent and dislike of the way the work is going. Finally there's the relief when I decide the painting is finished. For a few days I won't look at it, uneasy that I will change my mind and it needs further work. This is a tricky moment and if I go with my instinct to leave well alone, years later I am often glad of that decision.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Thank you to the blogger.

Thank you to the blogger who wrote about the exhibition with nice comments about the gallery and the paintings.


Pictures from an Exhibition.

A month ago I was unloading paintings at St Davids Studio Gallery ready for the exhibition.

A couple of weeks later, over the Bank Holiday, we went to see the exhibition.

This gallery has been the perfect setting for my paintings and Jane's skill in curating has always been inspired. This time was no exception - the paintings were beautifully presented. It was a delightful experience for me.

In a few days the exhibition ends and in just over a week I will go to pick up the remaining paintings.

But work goes on  - I am now preparing paintings for the 50th Anniversary at the Albany Gallery in November.