Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring arrives, winter won't budge

I like this title, it comes from the BBC weather page. So, more cold weather to come. I have been into the studio the last three days so today I'm taking a holiday. The heating is full on, a have a new Jack Reacher thriller on hand and a bottle of wine I opened last night. I'm happily hibernating today.
On Monday I'm back in the studio to pack up my things ready for the move to my new place. After Easter I will be gazing from windows overlooking the castle, warm from the central heating, setting up my easel and pondering on the latest (and best) in the long line of studios I've occupied over the years.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

First Day of Spring.

People seem divided as to whether the first day of Spring is today or yesterday. It hardly seems to matter since both days I have been to the studio and froze in the low temperatures. It is definitely still Winter!
Life in the studio is a little uncertain - the plan is to move to another room a short distance away in the arcade. It will be a good place for me, with central heating. In the interim I am uneasy about the disruption to my work and, after having another key cut for the landlord to show new tenants the rooms, I am now worried that strangers will have access to my studio when I am not there. I am just a little paranoid - it will all work out fine.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Cowbridge Arts Group

Talked to Cowbridge Arts Group last week about my work.

Ecstatic, jubilant, happy, amazed...

......all this and more after Wales won the Six Nations on Saturday - an immense win of 30-3 against England.
We went into Cardiff in the morning - the excitement was building up into one immense party; a strong  feeling of anticipation everywhere and the belief that Wales could pull it off - but 30-3?  No-one quite
expected that!
We called into the studio briefly, it's almost next to the Millennium Stadium, but no work today. Rugby dominates and no-one is thinking of anything else. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I will be happy to see the rain

It's a sunny day in Cardiff but the weather gets colder with an unpleasant arctic wind. Snow has closed Frankfurt Airport and my son can't get his flight out but everything is prepared for his visit so I have hopes for tomorrow. In the meantime I have been putting the finishing touches to a talk I am giving in a couple of days time to a local Arts Group.
I am hoping for the rain - to send the snow packing.

Friday, 1 March 2013

St Davids Day

The cold persists and the sun I expected for St Davids Day didn't materialise. Despite the weather people in Cardiff were wearing their daffodils and celebrating the day. I missed the parade through the city again this year, instead I met up with a group of friends. No work today but a useful discussion over lunch on the merits of using Win-Gel and Liquin and a fresh debate on the use of black in my paintings. Saturday tomorrow and I'm going to spend a few hours in the studio.