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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Shelter Cymru Art Auction 2018.

Shelter Cymru. Art Auction 2018. 



Timed auction of 40+ lots starting on 10th August & finishing at 8pm on 20th September
Bids can be placed on the-saleroom.

    Oil on canvas.    `Jazz in the Afternoon`, 30 x 40cms. Framed.
 Oil on canvas. `Jazz in the Afternoon`, 30 x 40cms. Framed.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

A minor hiccup!

After a winter spent exercising my new knee and slowly getting back to normal, a bit of a hiccup! Walking too fast one morning, thinking of other things and sure that I would return to the studio in the next few weeks my foot hit a loose and raised paving stone in my road. A trip by ambulance to hospital, then surgery and I'm back exercising and repeating the process, this time for a new hip and this time throughout a brilliant summer. I may not yet be back in the studio, although I did call in one day with my grandsons to pick up a painting for this year's Shelter Cymru Auction next month, but I have started painting at home. The landscape throughout my enforced break in work has ranged dramatically from the deep snow in the winter months to the long heatwave this summer.  The sun always drives me to the easel, and this year I felt I could have been painting in Montcuq as I woke up each morning to blue skies and sunshine and hot days. It was always too inspirational to ignore so now I'm expecting some bright images to appear on canvas.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Enforced interlude.

 Painting is on hold while I recover from knee surgery. With the spring and summer to look forward to I am buzzing with ideas for new work knowing that the walk to the studio will be so easy after this. The wait is hard but I'm consoled by the thought that my studio is there waiting for me, unchanged, just as I left it with the large canvas on the easel. The painting is in the early stages and is unlikely to bear much resemblance to this image when finished.

Unfinished. No title.

Despite the inactivity I have sold two paintings. Now my aim is to start working on a new collection of paintings with new galleries in mind. All I need is a good recovery and a functioning knee. Almost there!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Ramsey Island Pembrokeshire.

                                                                                 3D scan of Ramsey.
                                                            Spotted on the BBC Wales Home Page today. Stunning!

                                                                    On The Rocks. Oil on canvas.

Out of interest I looked back over my paintings to check on those which were inspired by a trip around Ramsey a couple of years ago. Now I'm inspired to do more.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Super Saturday

Super Saturday, Principality Stadium Cardiff in Arctic conditions we were there for the final game of the Six Nations watching Wales narrowly beat France to end up in second place in the tournament. The freezing weather didn't dim the enthusiasm and party atmosphere in the city centre as 74,000 people streamed out of the stadium to join in. A brilliant weekend!